Dream of Ziwei

Superior residents of youth: Oriental on building qualified house for youth of first- time purchasing, we are trying to realize purchasing easily, build best residence and way of life for middle level of the city

Representing work: Ziwei · Hope city, Ziwei · Shangceng

City residents: Merging with energy saving, environment protection, humanity and innovation etc, leading city life, the wisdom residents choice of city elite

Representing work: Ziwei· Qujiang Yijing,   Ziwei ·Dongjin,  Ziwei ·Garden Continent, Ziwei· Vogue

Elite house: Building elegant and luxury house for the top with high tech and humanity and international vision, create city top life example.

Representing work: Ziwei· Park Time,  Ziwei ·Villa,  Ziwei ·Yonghefang Lane

Citizen life: Realize dream of common people, orienting on city public construction, living project, servicing on lower and middle level common people property purchasing, lifting citizen housing level, pushing forward new industrial growth, realize property purchasing and living easily.

Representing work: Dongyao Shelter area reconstruction project
Chang’an Maopocun Village reconstruction project
Xinglong Community Samsung project
7226 Factory reconstruction project